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How to make a Parasol

        For the last couple of years I’ve had the opportunity to participate in the Facebook Charity Auction Collaborate for a Cause.  This is a wonderful event organised by Jen Kennedy supported by a team of amazing women.  “The aim of ‘Collaborate for a Cause’ is to promote friendship, understanding & fun throughout […]

A Pink Hooded Fairy Towel

Last year Mrs Tiger made a Hooded Beach Towel for the big Mr Tiger and today I used the same technique combined with some embellishments to make a bath towel for Miss Lily. This project was inspired when Miss Lily saw a pink hooded towel that was “just so pretty” (her words 😉 ).  Unfortunately, the pretty towel in the […]

Feather Boa Bag Tutorial

  Recently we went for a night out with the girls to the Queensland Museums exhibit of “Undressed; 350 Years of Underwear in Fashion”.  It was a fascinating look of how underwear has changed over the last few centuries – but that is another story.  This story starts at the gift shop on the way […]