Christmas Coasters

This is a quick project that makes a fabulous gift and also uses your existing scraps!       Step 1: Cut two squares of fabric 5″ x 5″. Step 2: Cut one square of Iron on pellon (or wadding, felt etc) 4″ x 4″.  Centre the pellon into the centre of fabric square and […]

How to make a Parasol

        For the last couple of years I’ve had the opportunity to participate in the Facebook Charity Auction Collaborate for a Cause.  This is a wonderful event organised by Jen Kennedy supported by a team of amazing women.  “The aim of ‘Collaborate for a Cause’ is to promote friendship, understanding & fun throughout […]

A Pink Hooded Fairy Towel

Last year Mrs Tiger made a Hooded Beach Towel for the big Mr Tiger and today I used the same technique combined with some embellishments to make a bath towel for Miss Lily. This project was inspired when Miss Lily saw a pink hooded towel that was “just so pretty” (her words 😉 ).  Unfortunately, the pretty towel in the […]

Princess Hoodie Pattern Hack

Today is the release of Issue 7 of One Thimble ezine.  Here at Tigerlily Patterns we are extremely excited to have not one but two patterns included in this issue.  Two new patterns for the winter season- The Princess Hoodie for girls and The Prince Hoodie for Boys. While winter garments can become bulky and purely functional, the […]

Feather Boa Bag Tutorial

  Recently we went for a night out with the girls to the Queensland Museums exhibit of “Undressed; 350 Years of Underwear in Fashion”.  It was a fascinating look of how underwear has changed over the last few centuries – but that is another story.  This story starts at the gift shop on the way […]

Meeting Jeremiah

Meeting Jeremiah

If you passed this little guy in the shops or park you would think he’s just a normal little kid.  You may look at him with his family and briefly wonder if he is one of them or a friend due to some obvious genetic differences.  In almost all respects he is exactly that, a […]

Pattern testing for 1 Puddle Lane

1 Puddle Lane Audrey Dress When I first discovered PDF Pattern Tutorials it changed my world!  All of a sudden I had access to patterns that actually explained how to put them together stop by step and taught me different and sometimes a much better way to sew. After a while you really get to […]

The Hooded Beach Towel

One of the best inventions/designs ever! We all know how popular the hooded beach towel has become in recent years and deservedly so!  It is so easy for the kids to snuggle and get dry with but what happens when, as the kiddies inevitably start growing, the good ol’ hoodie towel barely covers their legs […]

Christmas Charity

It is the time of year, once again, when we all get inevitably busy (happy busy!) and excitement begins to build as Christmas approaches.  It is also a time when we like to think of others, a time to share our happiness and joy and give when we can. TigerLily would like to commit to […]

Welcome to our new Website

Welcome to Tigerlily Patterns.  We are currently working on the website and hopefully will have our patterns available to purchase here soon.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates and whats new. Our first pattern release is coming this week and will be available on our Etsy store. Make today a Tigerlily Day […]