Christmas Coasters

coasters 13
coasters 14

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This is a quick project that makes a fabulous gift and also uses your existing scraps!




Step 1:

Cut two squares of fabric 5″ x 5″.

coasters 1

Step 2:

Cut one square of Iron on pellon (or wadding, felt etc) 4″ x 4″.  Centre the pellon into the centre of fabric square and secure into place by ironing.  Be sure to iron from the fabric side so you don’t melt the pellon!  If using wadding or felt, use fabric glue to secure into place.

coasters 2

Step 3:

With right sides together, pin the two fabric squares together around the outside of the pellon square.

coasters 3

Step 4:

Starting at a corner, sew three sides along the pellon.

coasters 4

The back will look like this:

coasters 5

Step 5:

Snip the bottom two corners close to the stitching line.

coasters 6

Step 6:

Turn the coaster in the right way and pull out corners so they are nice and square and iron.

coasters 7

Step 7:

Fold the top edges of fabric in using the line of pellon as a guide.  Tucking in the corners so they sit nicely.  Iron and pin to hold together.

coasters 8

coasters 9

Step 8:

Topstitch the seam closed by sewing close to the edge and continue stitching all around the coaster to create a continuous boarder.

coasters 10

coasters 11

Step 9:

Topstitch (using a slightly longer stitch length) desired pattern on the coaster to finish.  I liked simple squares, they were quick, easy and effective.  You could also quilt a pattern e.g. a christmas tree or holly leaves.

coasters 12

Step 10:

Repeat to make a set of coasters!

coasters 16