How to make a Parasol







For the last couple of years I’ve had the opportunity to participate in the Facebook Charity Auction Collaborate for a Cause.  This is a wonderful event organised by Jen Kennedy supported by a team of amazing women.  “The aim of ‘Collaborate for a Cause’ is to promote friendship, understanding & fun throughout the facebook handmade community, while raising money for causes you are passionate about.” (

For this, its fifth year event, Tigerlily Patterns has teamed up with a wonderful group of ladies and have combined our conglomerate skills to make not one but two collaborations (we just had way to much for just one!!).  A big sister and a little sister pack.

Our contribution to this venture was the matching parasol in the Big Sister range.  It is such a stunningly unique accessory we would like to give you a step by step tutorial so you can make your own.

BS collab LS collab

*These items will be up for Auction on the Collaborate for a Cause page on the 24th of July 2015.  *The Handmade business’ that we worked with on these submissions can all be found here!            *The beautiful photography for the collaboration was done by Tanya at Aynat Designs.



Parasol Tutorial

Step 1:

Find an umbrella frame – we found a a cheap one at a $2 store.  It is important that the cover can be removed from the beads at the end of the spokes and the bead at the top of the umbrella is able to come off as they will be removed during the process and replaced again at the end.

parasol 1parasol 2parasol 3







Step 2:
Take off the top and remove the original cover using a seam ripper to cut the stitching from the frame.

parasol 4

parasol 5









Step 3:

Unpick one panel to use as a pattern piece.

parasol 6









Step 4:

Using your panel piece, cut out the quantity of panels you need.  This parasol had 8 panels, but a previous one we made had 9, so make sure you count!  Then, with right sides together sew 2 panels together.  Continue with the remaining panels until they are all together.

parasol 8 parasol 9 parasol 10







Step 5:

Place the cover over the frame and put the top back on – this example screws on, others may push in.

parasol 12

Step 7:

Hand Stitch at the halfway mark down the frame lining up the seams with the spokes.  Pull the fabric firmly but not to tight.  Once the halfway stitching is done; test to make sure the parasol closes – if not the fabric may be pulled to tight.

parasol 13 parasol 14








Step 8:

Hand stitch the ends on to the beads on the end of the spokes and you are done!

Unfortunately, after finishing this I realised that using stretch lace (or any stretch fabric) is actually not the best idea as the parasol will not open properly – in fact it opens waaaaay to much!!  So the end result is quite a flat parasol – kind of like the Japanese style umbrellas (but maybe this is the look you are going for!).


If you have any questions or queries on how to make your own Parasol; send us an email or visit our Facebook page.

Here is the parasol made for last years Charity Auction:

unedited 7