A Pink Hooded Fairy Towel

Last year Mrs Tiger made a Hooded Beach Towel for the big Mr Tiger and today I used the same technique combined with some embellishments to make a bath towel for Miss Lily.

This project was inspired when Miss Lily saw a pink hooded towel that was “just so pretty” (her words 😉 ).  Unfortunately, the pretty towel in the shops was too small for anyone bigger then a baby, so upon discovering the whole shop to be on sale, I  bought a bright pink bath towel, hand towel and face washer to make her very own Pink Hoodie Towel.

pink hood complete

Step 1.

In the centre of one of the longer sides of the hand towel, stitch on some ribbon close to the edge.

pink hood 2

Step 2.

Fold the hand towel in half lengthwise with the ribbon on the inside of the fold and stitch down the same edge that the ribbon has been stitched on to.  The best part of using a hand towel here that all the edges are already finished! 😉

pink hood 3

Step 3:

If you are going to embellish the ‘face frame’ of the hood now is the time to finish this edge with your desired look- overlock, fold and sew, bias binding etc. (no picture here as I forgot and did it after I had sewn the hood on…)

Step 4:

With right sides together, centre the hood along the longer side of the bath towel and sew.
pink hood 5

Step 5:

Appliqué a star in one corner of the towel ( the same side as you have sewn the hood on).  A few ribbons sewn on a point and you have a fairy wand.

pink hood 6


Step 6:

To make some hand pockets, cut the face washer in half into two triangles.  You will want to finish the edge either with your overlocker/serger or a zigzag stitch.

pink hood 1

Pin the triangles the inside (wrong side) corners of the towel (the top corners on the same side as the hood) and sew along the two sides aligned with the edges of the towel.  This leaves the diagonal cut line as an opening of a pocket for hands to hide in.

pink hood 7

And you are done!

                        The results:

                                               One happy fairy towel kid!