Princess Hoodie Pattern Hack

Today is the release of Issue 7 of One Thimble ezine.  Here at Tigerlily Patterns we are extremely excited to have not one but two patterns included in this issue.  Two new patterns for the winter season- The Princess Hoodie for girls and The Prince Hoodie for Boys.

While winter garments can become bulky and purely functional, the Princess Hoodie combines femininity with warmth becoming the ultimate statement of wintery grace and elegance.

hoodies 4 From a more traditions princess,

hoodies 7to some spotty fun,

Or maybe something a little different and on trend!

hoodies 11 hoodies 12

Like most little girls, Miss Lily is a Frozen fan and I had this fleece ready for a new winter outfit.  Of course the one she chose was the new Princess Hoodie!   Due to this fabric having a large print,  I made a few simple adjustments to allow the print to shine.

 frozen dress 2 frozen dress 3 frozen dress 1

The picture of the sisters, definitely needed to be front and centre.  To achieve this, the two front patten pieces that create the sweetheart line will need to be eliminated.  By overlapping (by the seam allowance – 1 cm) the front bodice pieces they become one front piece.  To ensure both sides had the picture correctly positioned, the front pieces were cut separately by cutting only one layer of fabric with the pattern face up, then positioning the same pattern piece face down to cut the other side, achieving the mirror image .  When placing the pattern pieces, continuity of the picture on the finished hoodie was also considered so once zipped up it became a complete picture once again (there is a excellent article on pattern matching in Issue 6 of OneThimble).  Drawing a line on the pattern piece to mark the zip placement, was very helpful to line up the print so it match on the finished product.  The technique for cotinuity does require extra fabric but also produces an amazing result.

For the back, simply overlap the bodice pieces (by the seam allowance – 1 cm) so they become one piece,  position on your fabric and cut on the fold.

Using the straight sleeve option allows the pattern pieces to be placed directly on the desired print of the fabric with no matching required!

Once you have the pieces all cut out, it’s now a matter of following the rest of the pattern and instructions from the original design.

The Princess Hoodie easily becomes a costume or an everyday wear dress up item, just by adding a few extra elements: perhaps a cape at the back and a plait?!

Use your imagination and “let it go”!!

frozen dress plait 2frozen dress plait 1