Feather Boa Bag Tutorial



Recently we went for a night out with the girls to the Queensland Museums exhibit of “Undressed; 350 Years of Underwear in Fashion”.  It was a fascinating look of how underwear has changed over the last few centuries – but that is another story.

 This story starts at the gift shop on the way out.

Available to purchase at the end of the exhibit were history books, clothing, dvd’s, scarves AND a pink feather bag.  Well all 7 of us crowded around this bag giggling at just how cute it was and just how much our little princess’ would love a fluffy feather bag.  Knowing we had satin and feather boa’s at home we left with a plan in our heads.

It is really simple to make and with just half a metre of fabric 115cm wide, a feather boa and a little elastic you can make one too!

feather boa bag 1

First you will need:

2 pieces of fabric 10”/26cm x 25”/65cm (1 outside bag, 1 lining bag)

3 strips of fabric 2.5”/5cm x 20”/50cm

A feather boa

12″/30cm Elastic



Step 1:

 Fold your strips  in half lengthwise right sides together and sew down the long side and one end.  Turn the strips out the right way and put to the side.

feather boa bag 2

Step 2:

Fold outside piece in half (short side to short side) and sew down one side and the bottom.  Repeat with lining piece.


Step 3:

Create the gusset. What is a gusset?? – basically it is a term for the sides and base of a bag which give it a bit of room as opposed to a flat bag.  It can be a separate piece of fabric but in this case we are creating the space with two triangles across the bottom seam of the bag.

Measure in 6cm from the point of the bottom seam and sew across creating a triangle. Repeat on the other side.

 boa3           boa2

When it’s finished, the bottom of the bag should look like this;

feather boa bag 7

Repeat with lining.  Trim excess triangle fabric off.

Step 4:

Sew the 3 strips, prepared in Step 1, together at one end.  Plait the three strips then stitch the other end together so it doesn’t come undone.

If you don’t have someone to hold it for you while you plait.  Put it under the presser foot on your sewing machine.

feather boa bag 9

Step 5:

Pin and stitch the plaited handle to the right sides of the lining piece at the sides.  Trim any overhanging fabric.

feather boa bag 11

Step 6:

Place the bag lining inside the outer bag piece with right sides together.  Pin and stitch all the way around leaving a 3″/10cm gap to turn the bag out again.

feather boa bag 13 feather boa bag 14

Step 7:

Set your Iron on the appropriate setting for the fabric you have chosen and press the top seams out ready to sew the casing at the top.

feather boa bag 15 feather boa bag 16 feather boa bag 17

Stitch 3/4″ / 2cm all the way around the top of the bag.  Be careful not to to catch the handles.  Then topstitch around the top also closing the opening but still leaving 2.5cm/1″ to insert the elastic.

Insert the elastic and stitch it together, topstitch the opening.

feather boa bag 18

Then your nearly done!

feather boa bag 20

Step 8:

Cut the feather boa 25”/65cm (the original length of the bag).

NOTE: – you may want to hand stitch the boa on as we did find our machine didn’t like the feathers catching.

feather boa bag 23

Stitch the ends on the side seam.  Find the half way point on the boa and stitch on the other side of the bag.  Finally stitch the boa to the middle of the front and back of the bag.

And Voila – You have a fluffy feather bag ready for your little princess or a night out on the town 😉

feather boa bag 22

The elastic gives it a great little shape also keeping it closed.  You could also use a drawstring to open and close the top.

If you don’t have a feather boa, anything could be used.  Lace, ruffles, Its only limited by your imagination.FullSizeRender-3