Meeting Jeremiah

Meeting Jeremiah

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If you passed this little guy in the shops or park you would think he’s just a normal little kid.  You may look at him with his family and briefly wonder if he is one of them or a friend due to some obvious genetic differences.  In almost all respects he is exactly that, a normal little, not quite two year old sibling to three older bothers and a sister. But when you know the story of the Rowan Family, you see so much more than this.

Jenny and Andy after over 1 year of waiting in Vanuatu have been granted a visitor visa for Jeremiah and have come back to Australia for the Christmas season to collect and organise their belongs and to gather as much equipment as they can for the Jeremiah Project (Cots, linen, baby clothes, toys for those in need.  A simple cot in Vanuatu can cost $1000).

And so, not only did I get to give my friend of 28 years the biggest hug but I got to meet Jeremiah.

A little boy who wouldn’t be here if the Rowan family hadn’t said yes.  Yes to having a 5th child, yes to leaving their work, country, home, friends, family, life as they knew it. Yes to migrating to Vanuatu for an unknown length of time to wade through paperwork and politics and visas.

My heart is full of love for this family.

The Rowan’s are still waiting for Jeremiah to be granted full rights to live in Australia and in the meantime they are not idle.  Their journey now is to develop a community of support for mothers and babies in Vanuatu.  They have a large block of land which they will build a team house and many huts to accommodate Mama’s who would like to stay with their bubba’s but otherwise would not have the choice.  Also a place for precious Babies, who can not stay with their birth family, giving them a place in the world to be loved and cared for, giving them a life.

Such a worthy cause for TigerLily to be apart of.  We hope that even our smallest contributions will help make their days bright and beautiful.

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