Christmas Charity

It is the time of year, once again, when we all get inevitably busy (happy busy!) and excitement begins to build as Christmas approaches.  It is also a time when we like to think of others, a time to share our happiness and joy and give when we can.

TigerLily would like to commit to giving $2 of every pattern sale from November until Christmas to KickStart the Rowan Family in Vanuatu/The Jeremiah Project.

JennyAndyJenny Rowan has been my beautiful friend since we were 7 years old.  We played dolls and families together and it was evident that she was born to be a Mother and a Mother she became.  Together, with her husband, Andy, and her children, the Rowan Family are making an amazing difference in this world, impacting on many lives.

This is their Story:

– Our family spent a month doing volunteer work at a school in Vanuatu in March 2013.

– We committed to adopt a baby boy who was otherwise going to be killed by the maternal grandfather (due to Kustom law).

– Knowing that this happens to many babies in Vanuatu, we also committed to starting a Children’s home in Vanuatu for other babies like Jeremiah and Mamas who want to keep their babies and need assistance to do so.

– Friends in Vanuatu cared for Jeremiah on our behalf until August 2013 when we returned to finalise adoption and apply for a holiday visa for Jeremiah.

– We received two rejected visas for Jeremiah which meant we couldn’t return to Australia as a family.  Andy went back to Australia with our four eldest children while Jenny and Jeremiah stayed in Vanuatu.

– Andy left his work, packed up all our belongings into storage in oz and moved over to Vanuatu.

– Lived by the blessing and generosity of friends, family and strangers for the past year without a job as we have worked towards registering The Jeremiah Project.

– October 2014 – After having lived in Vanuatu for a year we were granted a holiday visa for Jeremiah!! We are headed to oz for Christmas!

– 2015 – Building a home for our family in Vanuatu and establishing The Jeremiah Project Children’s home.


As many of you are aware, overseas adoption in Australia can be a challenging process.  They would like to send over a shipping container of some of their own things to help set up their family in Vanuatu (they have been there over a year now, managing without their belongings) and also things for the Jeremiah Project (cots, mattresses, clothes, bottles, beds etc) that they are unable to purchase in Vanuatu.  Cots, for example, are hard to come by and cost $1000 for a basic timber cot!

If you would like to make your own, direct donation please visit:

From the Rowans:

Thank you for your support! We are so very grateful.  If you would like to stay up to date on “The Jeremiah Project” please look out for our new blog that we will be launching in the coming weeks –